Thursday, May 16, 2013

Star Trek

Okay, I am sort of a geek. But for the most part, these nails were done for my husband. He luvs Star Trek, and we will be watching it, with a newborn and all.

I used the Nabi Black, Wet-n-Wild - I Red a Good Book for the red, NYC - Midtown Mimosa for the yellow (after placing a white base), and for the blue I used Sinful Colors - Endless Blue. The rest were acrylic paint. And on the thumb and pink I used OPI for Sephora - If You Got it, Haunt it for the glittery goodness.

Will you watch Star Trek - Into the Darkness this opening weekend?


  1. Hi, my name is Nicole too, love your blog. This is so cool. I just saw the movie too :)

    1. Thank you Nicole!!!! I loved the movie but probably not as much as my husband, he is the true trekkie. He probably just wanted me to shut up during the movie, lol.