Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Did you know that the United States celebrate this holiday more than Mexico?  And in Chandler, Arizona, people race Chihuahuas. Also over 100 million avocados get eaten on this day.
Are you doing anything special?
I did a mani especially for this day. I used Wet n Wild Blank Canvas for the white base, and everything else is acrylic paint, topped by some topcoat.
Love ya,
Nicole @nailatrocity

Star Wars Nails

Sometimes I have no clue what to put on my nails. And when that happens, I can always go to the actual day of the month. Who doesn’t celebrate Star Wars Day. Never heard of it before until I started doing nails 2 days ago, joking.

I used white nail polish that bubbled up on me from the death shake I had to give it because I let it sit too long (Wet n Wild Blank Canvas) and my ol’ trusty black acrylic paint. Can you see the bubbles? I wonder how many days does it take before it won’t bubble up. How are you celebrating this official-unofficial holiday?

I did these nails for May the Fourth.

star wars nails

star wars nails

New Name

I am sorry for the serious lack of post. I have been a little more active on instagram more than anything, but I do want to get more serious about my postings. I changed the name to my blog and things too. It really is not easy to change all the social media things, but I will get to them and make sure they are working. The hard thing for me to figure out is the facebook. I tried to do wordpress, but I will just stick to this one. Other than that, somethings are in the workings for me, I will keep you posted. I have some post of nails that I did coming real soon. Love ya, Nicole @nailatrocity