Monday, August 5, 2013

Yes, I am a Candy Crush Addict

Follow my blog with Bloglovin And I am not ashamed, I think I am on level 270 something. I even pass my family's levels for them, when they are stuck. But, I can control myself and take long breaks from it, although, I always return. I can believe it is the number one grossing app on iTunes. I refuse to spend money on it, it is a free game.

I do have a love/hate relationship with this game. It is the only game I play that I talk to it (ok, maybe scream). Those bombs get on my everlasting nerves right about now, ugh. Anyhoo, enjoy my candy crush nails. It took me two days, with a whole bunch of breaks in between. Seems synonymous of how much time I spend on the game.

I used the new Pop Art Collection from Wet n Wild. I bought the whole collection, 69 cents a pop. Love me some deals.

The blue is Teal Slowly and See, the green is Stand the Test of Time, and the sort of purple gradient situation on the pinky and pointer is Who is Ultra Violet. The rest, you know it, acrylic paint.

candy crush nails