Friday, May 31, 2013


This mani remind me of waterfalls, but with polka dots.

I wish I had time to do more intricate manicure/nail art. But where art thou time. I promise you, time flies when you get older, except in Walmart's checkout lines.

For this mani, I used Sinful Colors Sail la Vie for the blue and NYC Fashion Safari for the nude.

Thank you for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Strawberry French

My family has been on a strawberry dessert kick lately. So why not bring our little tasties onto my nails, it would only make sense.

I did a french with white polish, the Wet n Wild and then I used acrylic paint for the rest. Sorry for the pictures, still trying to work my camera, ugh. When will I ever get it right. What do you think? Would you rock a strawberry french?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Target Nails

I live in a small town and we usually have to drive a hour away to do some serious shopping, but I rather shop online or just head over to Target or Tar-jay. I usually find some polish on super sale, which is cool.

I used Loreal - Rendezvous for the red, Loreal - I Will! for the white, and acryllic paint for the rest. It was fun drawing the dog, the dog is used on gift cards.

I used the stamp from BM 206 and filled it in with the red.

target nails, target dog

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Star Trek

Okay, I am sort of a geek. But for the most part, these nails were done for my husband. He luvs Star Trek, and we will be watching it, with a newborn and all.

I used the Nabi Black, Wet-n-Wild - I Red a Good Book for the red, NYC - Midtown Mimosa for the yellow (after placing a white base), and for the blue I used Sinful Colors - Endless Blue. The rest were acrylic paint. And on the thumb and pink I used OPI for Sephora - If You Got it, Haunt it for the glittery goodness.

Will you watch Star Trek - Into the Darkness this opening weekend?

Chalkboard Nails

I did this one for instagram (@nailodocious) for the Nail Art May Challenge (#nailartmay).

This one was for the doodling challenge.

I used a Nabi scented nail polish in Black (bought from the 99 cent store) and painted a matte topcoat, and used a white nail polish for the doodles, the other I placed the Hard Candy topcoat in Black Tie Optional.

Are you participating?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Petal Pusher

I haven't been able to do much nail art like I really like, I can't wait until I do. But look what I have so far. I have been wanting to do a lily for awhile.

I used Sally Hansen's Instanail Petal Pusher for the light pink as a base and the rest I used acrylic paint.

What do you think?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bows and Bows

I am so ridiculous at times. I meant to put this mani into a contest, and I forgot to write the name of the contest while taking the picture (Instagram protocols). Duh, oh well.

I used for the red, Zoya - Carmen, the light baby blue is Nabi Scented Nails - Milky Sky, and the white is Kleancolor - White.

I added rhinestones to the top portion of the thumb and a blue holo glitter to the ring finger on top of the  light blue. I used only polishes to create the bows and stripes.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Floral Pattern

I wish I knew what these flowers are called. Perhaps you do?

I must be on a minty color kick lately since the last couple of manicures I did.

The base color is a shimmery minty green, Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle - Gentle Blossom and then I used various color polishes instead of acrylic for the flowers and leaves and stems.

I did this for a monthly challenge on Instagram, too. Check out my instagram for details.